Project Development Flowchart

  1. Program Coordinator solicits proposals based upon Roadmap and committed funds along with input from Project Manager.
  2. Program Coordinator negotiates project contracts (fee and scope) along with Management Team input from Project Manager.
  3. Treasurer (NCMA) verifies committed funds are available for projects.
  4. Pankow Foundation representative verifies committed funds from BIM for Masonry (BIM-M) Initiative are available for specific university projects.
  5. Program Coordinator presents contracts to Executive Committee for approval.
  6. NCMA signs off on non-university contracts.
  7. Pankow Foundation signs off on specific university contracts.

Project Management Flowchart

  1. Project Manager monitors scope, schedule, and deliverables.
  2. Requests for payment signed off by Project Manager and Program Coordinator.
  3. Pay request given to NCMA for payment.
  4. Treasurer and Program Coordinator provide accounting update on quarterly basis.