Phase III - BIM-M Construction Workflows

This Phase III project will follow from the Mason Contractor Input from Phase II. In this project, formal construction workflows for the use of BIM-M will be formulated and shared with the mason contractors. In this context, a workflow is a flowchart that documents the structure, format, and flow of information from the moment it arrives to the mason contractor (from the general contractor or construction manager) all the way through the masonry construction process.

The workflows will detail how the BIM-M software will be implemented with mason contractors, and how BIM authoring platforms will be queried for use with other software systems that utilize BIM data (clash detection, project planning, cost estimation, and wall bracing, as examples). The workflows will act as a formal mediator between the mason contractor and the software vendors, that is, mason contractors will agree that their practices are properly depicted in the workflows and that they consume and produce information in the manner described in these workflows, and the software vendors will agree to structure and process the BIM information in the manner depicted in the workflows.

The intent is to ensure that mason contractors are comfortable with the information flows that are to be implemented in BIM-M and to ensure software vendors that mason contractors are aware of the ways that the BIM-M software will produce and use masonry-specific data. The Executive Committee and the DBL will establish an RFP for this project, with the workflows to be delivered in a detailed format for use by the software vendors as they implement masonry BIM for mason contractors.