Phase III - BIM-M Software Specification

This project will kick-off Phase III of the BIM-M initiative. In this project, the Georgia Tech DBL will synthesize the results of the Phase II project and will create a written software specification for masonry BIM. The software specification will be shared with key software vendors and stakeholders in the AEC industry for their review and comment. The specification will detail masonry wall functionality within BIM from the architectural, structural, energy and contractor viewpoints and will illustrate the data structures necessary to represent masonry construction with the detail required to support the proposed BIM-M functionality.

The specification will show how BIM for masonry will import and use digital masonry units defined in Phase II, and will build on and formalize the masonry wall definitions also established in Phase II. BIM software vendors will be asked to identify areas where they will, at no cost to the industry, adapt their software to meet the requirements of BIM-M and to identify areas where the masonry industry will need to collaborate and fund masonry-specific extensions to BIM software.