BIM-M Projects

Phase I - Roadmap

This document presents a roadmap for building information modeling (BIM) for the masonry industry. | Learn more

Phase II - Masonry Unit Model Definition

In this first project, the BIM-M contractor will work with a workgroup of masonry suppliers to develop requirements for digital representation of masonry units. | Learn more

Phase II - BIM-M Benchmark

In this project, a typical masonry building of moderate complexity will be selected for submission to leading BIM software vendors in the United States. | Learn more

Phase II - Masonry Wall Model Definition

This project will develop requirements for the digital representation of masonry walls in BIM systems. | Learn more

Phase II and III - BIM-M Contractor Input

In this project, we propose that mason contractors explore in greater detail the potential benefits of BIM, begin to document their current work processes and their use of software in current practice. | Learn more

Phase III - BIM-M Software Specification

In this project, the Georgia Tech DBL will synthesize the results of the Phase II project and will create a written software specification for masonry BIM. | Learn more

Phase III - Structural Engineering and BIM-M

This project will establish the workflow for BIM integration between architects and structural engineers. | Learn more

Phase III - BIM-M Construction Workflows

In this project, formal construction workflows for the use of BIM-M will be formulated and shared with the mason contractors. | Learn more

Phase IV - BIM-M Software Specification

The project will assess areas where BIM-M is meeting the goals set forth in the software specification and focus resources in underdeveloped areas. | Learn more

Phase IV - BIM-M Design Phase to Construction Phase

This project will document and formalize the transition of a BIM model from a masonry “design” BIM model to a “construction” model. | Learn more

Phase IV - BIM-M Contractor Training

This project will follow from the BIM-M Contractor Input project in Phases II and III of the initiative. | Learn more

Phase IV - Early-Stage Masonry Architectural Design

This project will develop strategies for parametric modeling of masonry in complex building forms. | Learn more